The 820Plaza Continuing Education Department is happy to announce The Plaza PDF Reading Group, a brand new seminar-style reading & discussion group. With a focus on short papers and texts across diverse topics and disciplines, membership is open to all.

Discussions will be (loosely) monthly. Physical meetings will take place either at 820Plaza or a location nearby. Dates and times will be announced on a per-event basis, but our intent is to hold them in the last quarter of each month. Discussions will be an hour or two long. We’ll make tea. We’ll share ideas. It’ll be nice.

Texts Will be chosen from across mediums and disciplines. Texts may be peer-reviewed papers, popular writing, usenet posts, or anything in between. They will be chosen by the selection committee, and disseminated as PDFs. Participants should expect 2-4 hours of reading per text. There will be either one large or a small number of shorter texts per meeting. Here are some texts we would consider good candidates:

Membership is open to everyone. We aspire, however, to have a group of regular member-contributors, and for the discussion group to be small enough to include all participants. To this end, membership may not be open indefinitely.

As a Plaza Project™, we begin this reading group not knowing what it will become. We are reminded of one of our unofficial mottos: Leave alone; arrive together.

We welcome your insight, participation and tolerance.

Sign up! If you are interested in participating (or have any questions), email, and let us know. We hope to announce the first text in the next week, and have our first session near the end of January.

All guidelines are loose. All goals are fluid. All futures are possible.

Happy 2016, from all of us at 820Plaza, and we hope to see more of you in the year to come.